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Pyranova S.A.E is a new tech training hub. established and based in Alexandria, Egypt. Aiming to fill the gap between academic traditional learning and the hands-on practical experience, Pyranova neatly carved a set of engineering diplomas covering the market demands; collaborating with some of the top software companies.

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iOS Diploma

Starts: End Nov. 2020

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Android Diploma

Starts: End Nov. 2020

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Flutter Diploma

Starts: End Nov. 2020

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Full Stack Diploma

Starts: End Nov. 2020

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Frontend Diploma
Front-End Diploma

Starts: End Nov. 2020


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Introduction to python

Python language is an easy-to-learn, free and open-source reference implementation, used in simple programs for beginners, and to accomplish huge projects at the same time,

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Natural Language processing

Natural Language processing is one of the newest technologies used in software programming, simply it’s the interactions between human language and computational linguistics; as used

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The beautiful thing about learning is that nobody can take it away from you.

― B.B. King


We stand for
We provide the highest standard of science, engineering, mathematics and technology to prepare a well-educated generation, helping them to open and broaden their minds.
We help them to reach their goal, celebrate and keep going.
Our goal is to spread a good education system skillfully; that prepares young children and fresh graduates to their future.
We believe in the importance of preparing the most brilliant individuals; leaving in the future our community and world better than it was and actually is.